The Holderness Hunt is very proud to maintain a pack of Old English foxhounds. The Old English foxhound is darker in colour than a modern foxhound and is considerably less common. Old English are black, tan and white. They may not have the same stamina as a modern foxhound but it's scenting capabilities are unrivalled.

Every year bitches are put to dogs which produce litters. One bitch may have up to 6 pups! These pups are then weaned and sent to our dedicated puppy walkers who educate the young hounds pups and prepare them for their future lives with the main pack.

When they are around a year old they are gradually entered into the pack. They will spend the summer being introduced to cars, people, horses and not to mention meeting many friendly faces at the annual puppy show!

Then in Autumn they are introduced to the artificial scent of a fox. This is done using fox scent and a rag attached to a quad bike. This enables the hounds to learn how to follow a trail. Then when hunting season is upon us the newly entered hounds can follow an artificial trail across country giving hounds, horse and people alike a thrilling day!

The dedicated work of hunt staff, masters and puppy walkers ensure the continuity of the Holderness Foxhounds!

Holderness Hunt (HH Yorkshire) 2016